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What girl doesn't love jewelry and what's better than winning free jewelry?! After you're done squealing with delight, do check out Silver Karma and their big giveaway worth $10,000 of jewelry! Just enter Silver Karma Contest and don't forget to invite friends to participate. The more friends you get to participate, the better your chances of winning! Here's some of the jewelry from Silver Karma that I have my eyes set on:

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Petals Ring

Petals Ring Price: $32.95 at
None of my posts are ever complete without a floral inspiration and here's one for this post. As if the idea of a floral ring wasn't adorable by itself, each of the petals of this ring are pink heart shaped stones. Aww! Delightful, isn't it?


Cielo Earrings

Cielo Earrings Price: $29.95 at
Teardrop earrings can instantly add a touch of elegance to any outfit and these green stone earrings are simply perfect! Wear with your favorite LBD and a pair of parrot green pumps on your big date night. You'll have him drooling all over you for sure!

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Grace Ring

Grace Ring Price: $24.95 at
This ring is unique in that it combines so many different design elements but still manages to come together beautifully. From the textured strands of sterling silver that curve around a dainty flower of three stones to the base of the rose colored oval, these ring is truly a fantastic piece of jewelry.

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Shimmers Earring

Shimmers Earring Price: $29.95 at
Aptly named "shimmers", this gorgeous pair will catch the light in just the right way to add a special twinkle to your eyes (or ears!) I love the combination of the rustic lower half with the classic gems on the upper half making this a pair of extremely versatile and beautiful earrings.

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Twine Earring

Twine Earring Price: $24.95 at
Purple lovers, this one is for you! Artistic and exquisite, this amethyst stone earring in all its twining glory is sure to steal your heart as it did mine. I'm a Sagitarian and purple is supposed to be my color. Boyfriend, are you listening? :D

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Endless Bracelet

Endless Bracelet Price: $59.95 at
Seriously, is there anything more adorable than silver jewelry symbolizing endless hugs and kisses? With alternating sterling silver x's and marquise stone o's, this bracelet is the perfect gift for your lady love or your bff!

Gorgeous, aren't they? And these are just 6 of many amazing pieces that you will find at Silver Karma! So paritcipate in their giveaway now and stand a chance to win anything from a $2500 gift certificate, a $1500 gift certificate, a $500 gift certificate, so on and so forth. For more details, do visit Silver Karma contest page. And don't forget to spread the word and hurry, the sweepstakes end April 30th 2011!

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I need those earrings.....drool drool drool.

Beautiful items! I like Grace Ring

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