9 Ways to Store Precious Jewelry ...


9 Ways to Store Precious Jewelry ...
9 Ways to Store Precious Jewelry ...

Do you know how to store jewelry? Precious metals should be treated a bit differently than costume jewelry or substitute jewelry. If you’re lucky enough to own some real jewels, you should take prime care of them so they will hold their beauty for years to come! Keep on reading to learn how to store jewelry!

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In Soft Pouches

One of the best tips for how to store jewelry is to keep it in a soft pouch! Especially pearls, since they can be easily scratched. Never store more than one jewelry item in a pouch at one time though. When you purchase the jewelry, ask the jeweler if you can have a pouch to store it in if he or she doesn’t offer one up front!


A Safe or Lock Box

With home burglaries always a threat, it’s never a bad idea to store your valuables in a safe in your home! In the event of a fire or flood or some other natural catastrophe, a safe can further protect your precious jewelry. You can buy a safe in nearly any size, so figure out what will work best for you.


In Plain Sight

If you are wary that having a safe in your home might pose a huge target for vandalism on your house, then here’s another option: Hide your precious metals in plain sight! Place them in sealed containers and keep them in places a thief wouldn’t think to look. For example, you could hide valuables in a sewing kit, or in an empty lotion bottle placed on your bathroom shelf.


Avoid Wood and Plastic

Whatever you do, never store your valuable jewels on or near wood or plastic. This can have bad effects on your jewelry! Invest in a nice jewelry box to keep your jewels safe and lasting as long as possible.


In Velvet Lined Jewelry Boxes

If you would like to use a wooden or metal jewelry box to store your precious metals in, then you can do so! Just make sure the box is velvet lined. Jewels need soft surfaces to keep them from being scratched or rubbing against things that might harm them or dull their shine.

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Wrapped in Tissue Paper

If you don’t own a velvet lined jewelry box, there is still a safe way to store your jewelry! Just wrap it in regular tissue paper. This will keep it dry and protected from scratches or fading! Any kind of tissue paper will do, so you can use what you have on hand.


Away from Other Jewelry

It’s important that you don’t store your real jewels near fake jewels. Precious metals may be damaged if you keep them near the false ones or near plastic and other baubles. Plus, the real thing can be scratched too easily, and you don’t want a tarnished necklace or bracelet!


On a Necklace Hanger

I love necklace hangers! They allow you to see what you have at one swift glance without needing to dig through a box. Plus, your necklaces will never be tangled up. If you feel safe leaving your valuables on display, then consider using a necklace hanger! Just make sure the necklaces never touch.


A Cool, Dry Environment

Precious metals don’t like to get wet or hot. Heat can cause them to “sweat” and discolor, and water can weaken them. Be extra careful to make sure your environment for storing jewels is cool and dry, and not in the direct sunlight. And only have them cleaned by a professional!

These are my tips for storing precious jewelry or precious metals, but I’m sure our readers have some fabulous ideas as well! How do you store your valuables? Please comment below and share your tips and tricks!

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This is great advice :) Thank you so much!! I moved my jewelry pretty much right after I read this.

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