7 Ways to Care for Jewelry That is Precious to You ...


Adopting ways to care for jewelry is the best way to ensure your most precious items stay beautiful. We’ve all been there: we get a new item, wear it to death, and before we know it there is no way it is going to dazzle like it used to. If this is a familiar tale, try not to fret! There are ways to care for jewelry that will keep your purchase beautiful for longer.

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Take It off

Do you really need to wear your new bracelet when you’re washing the dishes or painting? Thought not! One of the easiest ways to care for jewelry is only to wear it when necessary. Even everyday items need some downtime, so take them off when there is no need to keep them on. And yes, this includes going in the shower, your wedding ring can survive without you for a few minutes.


Keep Jewelry and Makeup Separate

This is sort of scary, but the chemicals that float around in the sprays you blast at your hair and the creams you apply to your face may actually damage your jewelry. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your face is going to suddenly erode too! Jewelry is usually made from precious metals, which at their most basic form are chemicals that will react with other chemicals. Before you beautify yourself, take your jewelry off and put it to one side.


Ditch the Jewels at Football Practice

Do you play contact sports? Maybe you’re a lady who can tackle like no other, but that doesn’t mean you need to wear Cartier during the process. Keep the jewelry in the changing room. Better still, leave it at home. Aside from protecting your precious jewels, this is a great way to protect yourself and other players.


Don’t Wear Them to the Spa or in a Swimming Pool

Have you ever touched metal when it’s hot? It hurts, right? I am always sort of amazed when I sit in a steam room or sauna and see another woman wearing jewels. Guys are suckers for this too! And chlorinated water, while nice and hygienic, is going to damage the color of your jewels. Your spouse will forgive you for taking your ring off before you go swimming, trust me!


Only Use Specialist Cleaners

There was once a time when rubbing alcohol was the in-vogue approach for cleaning jewelry. However, some jewelers advise against this! As for bleach, don’t even go there. Your best bet is to clean every so often using warm (not hot) water only. Once in a while, you can use a specialist cleaner. Have a chat with a local jeweler about this, especially if the item is antique.

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Get It Repaired before Cleaning

Have you noticed a crack or scratch? Even if it seems small, get the jewelry repaired before cleaning it. Cleaning may otherwise threaten the structural integrity, and that sort of damage is irreparable. Take it to a local jeweler, and leave the experts to get to work.


Inspect Every so Often

Even if your jewels are hanging neatly from a display tree or resting lovingly in your jewelry box, regular inspections are the best way to make yourself aware of damage. Don’t do this every day, or even every week or month. Bi-annually is a great time, or more often if you wear the jewelry regularly. A little inspection now can save a lot of cash in the future.

Taking care of your jewels is a great way to make sure you can pass those precious items onto someone else one day. For the meantime, the steps you take to care for them make sure you can wear your jewels for longer. If you are a devoted jewel lover, these care steps will become second nature. If you have your own tips, please share them so we can all benefit!

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I wear my diamond ring in the pool and in the sun and it doesn't get hot and the colour doesn't fade as it is solid 18k gold and the diamond is real. However creams does make your jewellery dirty, so watch this space @GemsBcoLtd as I will be making a video on how to clean gold jewellery.

If you lose a ton of weight be sure to get your ring resized, mine literally fell off my finger. The LUCKY S.O.B. that found that! Hopefully, a poor person.

I clean silver with toothpaste, it really works! :D

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