7 Exceptional Tips to Help Lazy Girls Have an Organized Handbag ...


7 Exceptional Tips to Help Lazy Girls Have an Organized Handbag ...
7 Exceptional Tips to Help Lazy Girls Have an Organized Handbag ...

Organising your handbag only takes a couple of extra minutes and will save you a lot of time in the future. Now is the time to stop being lazy and use these tips to organise yours!

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Use the Compartments

bag, fashion accessory, brand, coin purse, hand, Most handbags come with closed off compartments inside, so make use of them being there!

Put your phone in the correct pouch on the side, and put your smaller things such as mascara or lip gloss in the zipped up compartment, usually near the middle.

Try to keep your smaller items in a compartment of some sort, left loose they're easily hidden and lost...plus you spend at least twenty minutes sifting through everything just to find those pesky little things!


Only Take What You Frequently Use

art, fashion accessory, coin purse, brand, hand, It can be very tempting to simply take all the make up you own and dump it inside, convincing yourself that you'll need it at some point or another while you're out...stop thinking like this!

You should know by now what things inside your handbag you actually use, and what ends up lying at the bottom untouched.

This will help you to remove the extra clutter and keep your handbag to only the essentials.


Stack Books and Slide Pens

footwear, glasses, fashion accessory, hand, vision care, If you take a notebook or novel in your handbag, always store it so that it's standing upright and push it right up against the side, with the open end facing towards the edge and spine facing inwards towards the rest of your accessories.

This will help you save extra room and you can also keep a couple of pens on top of the book, in the little dip where the pages are.

The way the book is positioned will also prevent them from rolling around and falling out.


Use Small, Sealed Bags

bag, handbag, coin purse, glasses, textile, This is perfect for girls what take a lot of make up with them! Don't leave yours lying at the bottom of your bag, if a lid comes off the contents will go everywhere and will stain (and ruin) the inside lining of the bag, as well as colour-leaking onto everything else you have in there.

To avoid this problem, put your essential cosmetics inside a small, sealed bag (or a couple, if you have lots to take with you). This will keep them all in one easy and convenient place and make them incredibly easy.

And the best part? If a lid does come off it will only leak inside the sealed bag and not touch the interior or anything else you have inside.


Keep Papers in a Folder

art, writing, There's nothing worse than having billions of loose papers in your bag, which end up folded, crinkled and worn from being carelessly shoved in your bag. We've all been there, right?

Make it easy for yourself and buy a cheap, clear folder which you can slide papers inside. Once you've done that, lean it up against the side of your bag, sideways so it's horizontal.

Similar to the book idea, it will help you save room by keeping the tall things leaned up against the sides and won't cover smaller items such as make up and your set of keys.

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Make Organisation a Habit

fashion accessory, handbag, brand, coin purse, leather, Now the most important part is to remember to organise like this regularly!

Don't fall back into old habits...take a few minutes extra to do it properly and correctly.


Repeat These Steps!

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, dress, fashion, Keep repeating these steps to make sure you're always totally organised and ready to go with a tidy bag at your side!

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Cuz sometimes I had to organise her bag😬

How big is your purse?? I couldn't fit most of these things in mine! It's just big enough for my wallet, keys, phone, one lipstick, and a pen.

Excellent tips All are imp Fr my GF.

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