Miu Miu Mateleasse Handbag ...


Miu Miu Mateleasse Handbag ...
Miu Miu Mateleasse Handbag ...

This Miu Miu Mateleasse Handbag got big at the latter part of last year, but thanks to its double whammy hit of style and function, itโ€™s still going strong. This is my bag of choice when I travel in the city because I can wear it facing in (keeping my valuables close to me) and I can also wear it messenger style, keeping my hands free for shopping, lugging work stuff, or simply being comfortable as I run for a taxi. The leather on this** purse** is second-to-none, and has only become more soft in the past year that Iโ€™ve had it. I was never much of a Miu Miu girl (a little too young and gimmick-y), but after getting this bag, Iโ€™m always keeping my eyes peeled for more great bags from the label. While some can be a bit too large or too whimsical for my taste, or age, the Matelasse** **is a great addition to any handbag wardrobe. Thanks to the ruching in the leather, the bag can be folded or packed flat and come out looking great when you unload if from your suitcase.

The Matelasse is now available in bluch at bergdorfgoodman.com and retails for $1,445.

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