7 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have ...


7 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have ...
7 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have ...

I absolutely adore jewelery. Trinkets, baubles, trifles – call them what you will, I have them all. Bold bracelets for my wrist, delicate pendants for my neck, exquisite rings for my fingers, shimmery drops for my ears, dainty chains for my ankles…even as the list goes on and on, my jewelery box is bursting at its seams threatening to spill all its contents out. However, no matter how many fancy things you may have in your collection, it’s quite incomplete without these seven essential jewelry pieces every woman should have.

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Diamond Studs

Marilyn Monroe declared with a lot of conviction “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. I couldn’t agree more. Diamond studs are expensive but they are totally worth the investment you are making. On days when you aren’t really sure what to wear, you’ll find diamond earrings are almost always appropriate. Although what size earrings you want depends to a great extent on your personal preferences, those buying diamonds for the first time could start with earrings that weigh a total of 1 carat, set in the traditional basket mounting.



Pearls say elegance like no other piece of jewelry does and that's what makes it a jewelry piece every woman should have. They are classy, stylish, and lend the wearer a quiet sophistication that you simply cannot achieve with loud and garish jewelry. These days you can pick up pearls in a wide variety of shapes, colors and designs and they are quite affordable as well. When you want to be dressy without being showy, pearls are the perfect choice for you.


A Jeweled Watch

A watch isn’t technically considered jewelry but when you have one of those really fancy pearl-strapped, jewel encrusted pieces, I challenge anybody to dismiss it in an offhand manner. A jeweled watch is a great accessory for all those days when you simply can’t be bothered to dress up and yet don’t want to be pulled up at a party for looking shoddy. Besides, it’s a great way to keep time and slink away from a function when things get a little too boring for you!


Diamond Bracelet

A diamond bracelet – whether it’s a pedigree like Tiffany’s or something vintage handed down by your grandmother – is always considered a stunning accessory. That’s why it ranks high among the jewelry pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe. If you aren’t too gung-ho about the vintage look, you could always up your glamour quotient with one of the more modern tennis bracelets that are available these days.


Hoops & Chandeliers

Simple golden hoops are available in a variety of styles and sizes and women tend to prefer them because you don’t need an investment plan to buy one of these. Ranging from the cheap to the obscenely exorbitant, golden hoops can fit virtually any budget you can think of. In addition to hoops, you may also want to go in for chandeliers for all those occasions when you want to drop the mantle of modesty and invite gazes from all and sundry in the crowd. Chandeliers with diamonds and semi-precious stones make for great stand alone pieces and you don’t need any other accessory to complete the look.

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Cocktail Rings

Feeling glamorous tonight? Slip on a flamboyant cocktail ring and let this dazzling and bold piece jewelry piece every woman should have, do the talking. These rings are dramatic without being considered in bad taste and perfect for a particularly dressy occasion. Make sure you manicure your hands before you flaunt one of these babies.


Diamond Solitaire Pendants

Whether it’s a casual lunch or a formal dinner, diamond solitaire pendants are great for all occasions. And you don’t necessarily have to go in for a mammoth piece. Even a small one on a delicate gold chain resting on your cleavage will draw everyone’s attention…to the pendant, of course! What on earth were you thinking?

I declare it’s time for some shopping…not for me, for you! I am already well-stocked and possess most of these jewelry pieces every woman should have. The ones that I don’t I am hoping some rich, mad lover will throw into my lap. If wishes were horses…But enough about me. Which of these are you going to pick up first?

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