4 Things to Keep in Mind when Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring ...


4 Things to Keep in Mind when Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring ...
4 Things to Keep in Mind when Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring ...

An engagement ring signifies a huge milestone in a relationship and so is the single most important item of jewelry you purchase in your life. A classic diamond solitaire ring, however, is still considered superior and remains unmatched as the most appreciated proposal medium.

To only buy diamonds is one thing, to buy a diamond ring is a whole other ball game. Diamonds rings have a number of characteristics that need to be kept in mind to ensure you get the perfect ring for your significant other. And for anyone who has never approached this seemingly undiscovered territory, the experience can be much like a riddle wrapped in an enigma. However, if you arm yourself with these 4 important points, finding the perfect diamond ring to convince your one-and-only to say “yes” will be a cakewalk.

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The Four C's

Looking for a diamond ring isn't exactly a straightforward affair since there are a number of considerations to take into account pertaining to the diamond itself. To be exact, when evaluating diamond quality, the four C's need to be considered: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

The carat of the diamond is perhaps the most basic aspect. Carat essentially refers to the weight of the diamond. And while people are more likely to boast about a diamond's carat, its cut is considered to be the most important quality. The cut of a diamond is usually misunderstood as the shape it is in but in reality, the cuts are measured on quality-based differences between the thickest and thinnest points on a scale and it also determines how much the diamond shines.

The color refers to the diamond's clearness which is graded from D-Z with D being completely colorless which makes it very valuable and Z having a yellow tone, making it less desirable. However, only stone experts are able to tell the difference in anything graded higher than G and so you can get the best bang for your buck if you opt for a G or H grade of color.

Lastly, the clarity of the diamond concerns the number of imperfections a stone has. A diamond's clarity is difficult to determine with the naked eye and so special tools are required to identify any flaws and are awarded a rating.


Review Your Finances

It is no secret that diamond rings can take a toll on your bank account. Despite this, it seems that many aren't able to fully grasp and understand the idea until realization finally hits as the prices of their potential picks are being quoted by the salesperson at the jewelry store. In fact, first-timers often find diamonds to be much more expensive than what they had initially anticipated.

Therefore, in order to avoid any awkward circumstances, be sure to review your finances and set a budget. Then, examine the prices of diamond rings to see if they fall under your budget. This will help you come up with a rough idea of what you can actually afford.


Accurate Ring Size

This one is absolutely essential to get right especially if you're purchasing a ring design that can not be resized. Resizing a ring involves cutting out a sliver and then either closing the gap or adding more metal. Rings fitted with just the diamond in the middle may be easier to resize, however, if you're opting for a design that entails little diamonds placed all throughout the band, resizing can be much more complicated.

Hence, it is always best to get the right size from the get-go. If you're unsure about the right size and also don't want to ask them to avoid suspicion, there are a few ways you can easily get the required measurements. You can either swipe a ring, that is often worn by your significant other, from their jewelry box and bring it to the jeweler. Or you can put one of your partner’s rings on your own finger, grab a marker and trace around the band to note how far it slides and the jeweler can then match the marked measurements with his sizing tool.


Metal Options

There is a bevy of metal options available for you to choose from for your diamond ring. Yellow gold is perhaps the more traditional choice, but white gold is a popular choice as well which is mixed with an alloy such as nickel that gives it its signature color. Other options for bands include platinum and rose gold.

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