4 Handbag Styles You Need in Your Closet ...


4 Handbag Styles You Need in Your Closet ...
4 Handbag Styles You Need in Your Closet ...

(This wonderful post was kindly written by Erika of Cafe Fashionista. Thanks Erika!)

Darlings, there was a point in time when I believed that a girl needed one handbag in her possession and one handbag only. A sassy piece which worked with any and all ensembles believed to be fabulous enough to accouter her fantastic form. I’ll admit it; I was devastatingly wrong. The right handbag can make or break one’s look du jour. You would not allow an oversized tote to tagalong with you on a girls’ night out complete with partying like a rock star; nor would you bring a clutch along for the ride as you navigate a new travel destination. Hence the reason why there should be five particular styles spotting your handbag collection; a handful of versatility that will make even complete strangers green with envy – now you’ve got them!

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Satchel Satchels are to the world of handbags what diamonds are to the world of jewelry – a girls best friend. There is no handbag which emits as sophisticated a vibe from an individual as a satchel. The aesthetic of such a design keeps one looking polished, even if decked out in head to toe denim; whilst allowing them to keep things understated and playful at the very same time. A bag with too large of a handle drop has a tendency to slouch which can make one look sloppy; pieces which proffer a double-handle with a drop of about 6-inches are your best bet, as they allow for enough room for one to wiggle their elbow, without looking awkward.


Cross Body

Cross Body Dolls, you may be navigating newfound sights at Walt Disney World Resort, or perhaps you’re pounding the pavement on Park Avenue, popping in and out of an abundance of stylish shops displaying decadent wares that you want desperately to add to your burgeoning wardrobe. It is times like these when forgoing the standard satchel or tote and replacing such a formation with a cross body piece is par for the course. Cross body bags are an optimal way for freeing up ones hands, yet still allow you to keep your most prized possessions nearby; an ideal mix for a day of shopping with the girls! I recommend weatherbeaten, worn-in styles in brown shades like Alexander Wang’s Brenda Zip Bag. Such a look is the true epitome of luxury tinged with bohemian influences, and instantly contributes a hint of personality to your current look.



Clutch I’m going to let you in on a little secret kitty cats…in terms of a successful girls’ night out, the true crème de la crème of the evening is not the cute boys you may find yourself mingling with over Cosmos, nor is it the shimmering top decorating your upper half which sparkles in the same fashion as a fine wine; rather it is the petite clutch clasped tightly between your magnificently manicured fingertips. You may be a lover of all things oversized, but darlings please do not allow a large bag to overpower your presence in the wrong situation. Go big wherever you’d like, but for evenings out on the town the clutch will forever be your BFF. Find one that allows enough room for the essentials – cash, credit card, cell phone, keys, and a smattering of cosmetics that will see you through the evening – and stop there. Remember, you are out for a night of fun, not packing for an emergency evacuation!


Oversized Tote

Oversized Tote Many feel that the oversized tote is an unnecessary addition to one’s array of accessories; an extra bonus that may or may not see the light of day once purchased. So is not the case. The oversized tote is a true essential in the world of handbags, especially for the working girl. I see far too many lovelies carrying multiple bags to work – a handbag in addition to flimsy totes holding the rest of their daily office essentials. Why on earth should one weigh themselves down with a mix of bags when a single oversized tote can do the tantalizing trick and work as a handbag in addition to extending enough room to hold the rest of your necessities? Tory Burch and Foley + Corinna are the oversized go-tos for the girl on the go. Their posh aesthetic and spacious interiors give new meaning to the phrase “big and beautiful.”

Of course, you may be one of the lucky ladies out there who has managed to snag a singular style which works in a multitude of ways; a piece which easily transforms from shoulder to satchel, cross body to tote. If this is the case, please share the secrets of your sassy discovery, then go out and buy something new. After all, a girl can never have too many handbags to choose from!

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This looks fabulous, Meream! Thank you so much for allowing me to Guest Post here at All Women Stalk; I had a blast!! :)

Great post!!! I agree with it all!!! I need to go bag shopping...:)

I'm a fan of clutches! I recently started carrying on everywhere to hold my cell, lip gloss and keys. I find that a tote is sometimes way too big on me.. it would be half the size of me already! =P

i really like the Oversized one, but if to be honest, my problem is that i never find anything in the bag, and im doomed to look for hours for my mobile and jewellery and stuff.

I luv this post!!

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